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Intermediate 5k Plan -
7 weeks, starts July 29

This plan is geared towards those who have run a few 5k’s and/or have been running at regular intervals already. There is a lot of variety so take what works for you and skip what doesn't. When running the different paces - i.e. jog, easy, moderate, fast, sprint - it is based more off how you feel. If at any point you find yourself in pain, please stop or take a break - injuries aren’t worth it in the long run! If you have any questions, please ask!

Looking forward to seeing you on race day!


Beginner 5k plan

I hope you will find this plan helpful in reaching your goals. Please start slow and take good care of yourself and your body. If at any point you find yourself in pain, please stop - injuries aren't worth it! However, if you are just feeling uncomfortable - breathe, push through it and remind yourself that you're getting stronger with each workout. Overall, listen to your body - it will tell you more about how best to train than anything or anyone else could. This plan is merely a guide - take what works for you and skip what doesn't!

Starts week of July 7th!

Starts week of July 7th!


running for recovery

Whatever you are recovering from, it is well-known that getting active & out into nature is beneficial for your health & well-being. We’ll do a short check-in type meeting in the parking lot & then hit the trail. Sharing your experience, strength, & hope on the trail with others is one of the goals of this group. You don’t need to be a runner to join - hikers & walkers welcome! Please fill out form below if you are interested. Thanks and take care!

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