Our Mission is simple:

To promote healthy communities through running related events, activities, products, and publications.


what we’re about:

Sharing a love of running and giving back to our community. Our running events will be beneficial to the community as they will promote charitable causes and bring others together.  People like to contribute to their community, be a part of something, and get together with others.  Run the Last Mile will meet this objective by bringing people together for the greater good.

We also host running related activities that will serve to bring others together through future meetups and workshops.  Regular meetups will provide the opportunity for runners to get together for the common goals of staying healthy and well.  Occasional workshops will provide the opportunity to partner with other businesses and individuals within the community for educational purposes and to further promote healthy living.

Publications will provide education and entertainment via running related written materials and other media formats that promote health and wellness.  Publications may include books, journals, articles, blog posts, podcasts, short videos, or other miscellaneous formats. If you are interested in publishing something you have created that relates to running, please contact us.

We may develop running related products over time that may be sold online. This is factored into our business plan because as new ideas develop, we want to leave space open for the possibility to work with other more talented individuals down the road. If you have an idea you’d like to work with us on, please contact us.

some goals we hope to achieve:

  • Putting on successful running events to raise money for charities.

  • Encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyles in our community.

  • Getting runners of all abilities together for meetups and other activities.

  • Partnering with other local business and individuals to host workshops on running related health and wellness topics.

  • Providing services to promote running related health and wellness events and activities for others.

  • Providing services to produce running related publications.

  • Producing running related products (a work in progress).

  • Contributing to our community in a positive, meaningful way.